Many clients are able to claim a rebate using ONE of the following avenues below


Medicare rebate by organising a mental Health Care Plan through a GP, or by organising a letter of referral from a Paediatrician or a Psychiatrist. 

Private Health

We are able to process most private health companies on the spot using the Hicaps system. Please note that claim amount will depend on the type of health cover. Please contact your private health insurer for more information and elibility.

National Disability Isurance Scheme

For new clients: we no longer accept those who are plan-managed. If you are self-managing your funds, an upfront payment of $200 is to be paid on the day of your visit.
Please note: We require the first three pages on your NDIS documentation for our records. 

Medicare Rebates
In November 2006, the Government introduced a system whereby clients can claim a rebate through Medicare for consultations with a psychologist. 
A Mental Health Care Plan can be organised when a GP, a Paediatrician or a Psychiatrist believes his/her patient would benefit from sessions with a psychologist. This would need to be obtained from your GP prior to attending an appointment at the Progressive Steps Intervention clinic. 


When making the appointment with you GP's receptionist, please remember to mention that you would like the GP to initiate a Mental Health Care Plan, and ask for a longer consultation. If sessions are for your child, please make sure that you bring along your child to the appointment. If your GP agrees to initiate a Mental Health Care Plan, the item number to be put on the plan is MBS Item Number 2715. If you have a Mental Health Care Plan previously, then the review item number is 2712.

The Mental Health Care Plan will enable you to claim Medicare rebates for a maximum of 10 visits per year. After 6 sessions, the psychologists will send a brief letter to the referring medical professional to inform them about the progress of client. Your GP, paediatrician or psychiatrist may like to see you and your child (if applicable) before they renew for future sessions with psychologist.

A copy of the Mental Health Care Plan (Or a letter from the GP, psychiatrist or paediatrician advising that they have initiated a Mental Health Care Plan) must be brought with you to your first appointment at Progressive Steps Intervention. 


If you would like to obtain Medicare rebates, it will be up to you to ensure that the Mental Health Care Plan has been activated by your GP before your appointment with the psychologist. It is also your responsibility to keep track of the number of psychology sessions that you have claimed from Medicare. 

The Mental Health Care Plan is only valid for 12 months from the date of referral and needs to be renewed by your GP.